The Unattended Scalehouse Processing solution automates transaction processing without requiring the presence of an operator.  This solution supports:


  • A variety of automatic identification devices, including RFID tags, barcodes, magnetic stripe cards, and proximity cards;

  • A flexible level of driver input:  drivers may drive throug the unattended lane and all information is collected automatically, or drivers may be required to key in transaction information and receive a ticket while on the unattended lane;

  • The ability to independently identify drivers, tractors, trailers, and containers for each GEOWARE transaction record;

  • The ability to have dedicated unattended lanes or lanes that can be quickly changed between attended and unattended modes.

This solution can be implemented for single of multiple lanes that are bi-directional or uni-directional and with or without scales.  This solution consists of the same two core components are the Attended Scalehouse Solution: the Management System and the Operations System.  It requires the Automated Processing module and the Traffic Control module to automate traffic control and transaction processing.

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